Custom Builds

We custom build PCs...from home PC to Architectural Design PC - we build for you.


We specialize in builds for Designers - whether you are using Archicad or SolidWorks, Solid Edge of Chief Architect..we will build it to spec...


You get better technology, better build, better warranty.


We supply I.T to schools - whether you are primary, secondary, or tertiary, we can quote and supply your I.T needs.


Call or e-mail us today with your requirements.

Need a new computer now, but its not in the budget?..had an unexpected PC meltdown?...just hoping your computer will "hold out" for another 6 months?


Don't wait - get yourelf sorted now using our Flexirent financing option - choose a 2 or 3 year leasing option and it could cost you less than a cup of coffee a day...


Call in and see us now for your new PC / Laptop or Server..


Flexirent Financing

So What's New?

Solid State Hard Drives (SSD) are fairly new and are coming down in price, making them a good option for upgrading your PC or laptop.

"Tablets" with the power and functionality of a good PC are now available and can be a fantastic option - powered with i7 processors, SSD's, Windows 8...and with a dockable keyboard allowing for real "work mode"...

EOP (ethernet over power) adapters are another relatively new product..great for when you can't get a good wireless coverage from your modem - they come in a pair and you plug one in to a power point next to the modem and the other into a powepoint at the other end of the house where you might want to plug in - proviso - the rooms must be on the same circuit.

For less than a cup of coffe a day, you can finance your new PC.

For Business, there is Flexirent, and for home there is Flexiown


Millennium Technology are your local computer professionals.


We are locally owned and operated and have been present in the Bay for the last 17+ years.

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